What are the critics saying?!

“The art of the Steinway whisperer.” - The New York Times

“Surprisingly compelling! Too intriguing and entertaining to be left to the specialists… A captivating film not just for pianomaniacs.” - Time Out London

“A fascinating glimpse into a very specialized corner of the music world. Pianist Andras Schiff once said, ‘Whatever we do on the piano is a collection of illusions.’ After watching Pianomania, you will understand..” - NPR Music

“Stefan Knüpfer is a co-conspirator, a sorcerer’s apprentice, even a piano witch doctor and to watch him in action is addictive.” - Los Angeles Times

“Absolutely magnificent! An amazing glimpse into the rarefied realm of elite musicians. It’s tremendously enriching, and should be seen by all who love classical music.” - About.com

An extraordinary man and a truly engaging documentary.” – Filmmonthly.com

“The film comes with a 5.1 Surround Sound audio track, which I’d say is the ideal way to listen to the film. This creates the optimal environment to hear the minute changes in timber, pitch, and resonance that Knupfer makes as he prepares each piano to the specific sonic requirements of each musician and venue.” – VeryAware.com

PIANOMANIA a BIG hit in Japan!

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PIANOMANIA available on iTunes!

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PIANOMANIA reviews keep rolling in!

Thank you Jon Ted Wayne of The King’s Players!

“Like a perfectly tuned concert grand, PIANOMANIA hits all the right notes and fills the screen with highs and lows, pianissimo and forte, drama and comedy. Highly recommended.”

Thanks to Adrienne Jill Foon of Film Monthly!

“Stephan’s ability to understand and communicate transcends any language and cultural barrier making the piano itself feel like it’s own language that he, the performer, and the piano share together.”

PIANOMANIA DVD available through First Run Features

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Pianomania takes you into the secret world of sounds – a place where passion and the pursuit of perfection collide with artistic obsession and a little bit of madness.

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PIANOMANIA DVD available through Amazon!

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PIANOMANIA DVD available in the USA as of February 14th!

Thank you to Michael Gilts of The Huffington Post for reminding viewers that “you’ll be surprised how absorbing it can be even if you don’t care about classical music!

And thank you Matthew Blevin’s of Next Projection for your verthoughtful review! He writes that PIANOMANIA “reflects on the bigger picture and that search for something larger than one’s self for the sake of elevating all of humanity. It also talks about the compromises that are necessary for all forms of artistic expression, but some thresholds are set a bit lower than others. It is that unwillingness to settle for ‘good enough’ that separates these perfectionists from the rest of us, but there are compromises in their world too.”

PIANOMANIA pleases American critics!

We are very happy with PIANOMANIA’s run in the United States! Thank you to Kenneth Turan of the LA Times and Manohla Dargis of The New York Times, Stephanie Merry of The Washington Post, Tom Huizenga of NPR and Dennis Harvey of Variety!

A documentary about those who fix, love, play and wildly obsess over these beauties, tweaking and all but disemboweling them in search of the sublime.” – NY Times

“”Pianomania details how stressful it can be to navigate a world where there is no such thing as an unreasonable demand!” – LA Times

PIANOMANIA big in Japan!

明けましておめでとうございます !

We are happy to announce that PIANOMANIA will be released in Tokyo on January 21st, 2012 at Cinemart Shinjuku (シネマート新宿(東京, 2012/1/21), and in Osaka on February 4th, 2012 at Cinemart Shinsaibashi (シネマート心斎橋 大阪, 2012/2/4).
Finally, we would like to thank SPO Inc. for their excellent work!

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